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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

The is an earbud that was lunch in the first quarter of 2021. It features a similar design to its predecessor, Galaxy Buds+. The case, on the other hand, resembles the ones from the Galaxy Buds Live, a squarish with a hinge on one side.

The Buds Pro is available in 3 colors namely Silver, Violet, and Black. The overall package includes 3 sizes of silicone tips in the retail box but does not include any stabilizers like wingtips.


The Galaxy Buds Pro is enduringly loud. They are considered as one of the loudest Buds on the market, but more importantly, they are proven to be the best-sounding earbuds that the brand has ever made. Furthermore, the case is branded with "Sound by AKG," which indicates plenty of audio expertise to leverage for Samsung. Its 2-way speakers with an 11mm woofer for full bass and a 6.5mm tweeter with low distortion enables the earbuds to produce music sounds as crisp as it comes while podcasts are so detailed.


The Galaxy Buds Pro also comes with 3 microphones that include dual-array on the inside for environmental voice recognition and an outward microphone to clear the surrounding sound.

The case of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro comes with a built-in 472mAh battery capacity, while each bud comes with a 61mAh capacity. In total, that would make 28 hours of playtime with ANC off and 20 hours with ANC on. Additionally, the case supports both Qi wireless and USB-C charging.


Samsung claims the buds can play music for 8 hours without the ANC and about 5 hours with the feature turned on.